Focus Area: Tobacco/Lung Cancer

Mission of the 5C Lung Cancer/Tobacco Group

The Lung Cancer Group of the 5C Coalition promotes lung cancer awareness through a variety of means including the preparation of educational materials, organizing special awareness events, and more.

Informational Websites

Follow the links to learn more …

Cessation Information

The Calhoun County Health Department has compiled a list of Tobacco Cessation Resources to help you to stop smoking. This is a PDF file. Depending upon your browser, the document will open in a new window and/or immediately be downloaded to your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free from the Adobe website.

Events and Initiatives

Great American Smokeout

The 5C annually participates in the national Great American Smokeout day. This year the event is November 20th. Details of the local 5C activities on this day will be posted on the Events page of this website.

Visit the Great American Smokeout website. Be sure to explore the full page and follow the links. You will find, among other things, a guide to quitting smoking, more resources and tools for the Great American Smokeout, a really nice looking infographic about smoking, desktop helpers that can be downloaded, a variety of tools such as a cigarette cost calculator, and a link for a zombie smokeout mobile game!

News, Tips, and More

Follow the Smokefree News on the Did You Know? page of this website!

Explore the Tools and Calculators section of the American Cancer Society website to find interactive tools, quizzes, and videos to help you learn more about ways to lower your risk for cancer or find it early.

Download the statement on Electronic Cigarettes and Secondhand Aerosol prepared by the Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights.

Calhoun County youth survey data tells us smoking rates for cigarette use are down. However, don't be deceived, new tobacco products are being picked up. Download this information sheet produced by the Substance Abuse Council and the Calhoun County Department of Public Health.

Download the booklet Designed for Addiction, How the Tobacco Industry Has Made Cigarettes More Addictive, More Attractive to Kids and Even More Deadly. This is a PDF file. Depending upon your browser, the booklet will open in a new window and/or immediately be downloaded to your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download it for free from the Adobe website.

Support Groups

Support groups have been organized to answer your questions, to give suggestions, or just listen. Visit the Support Groups page to find a group just for you.



Outreach education conducted countywide on secondhand smoke issues

  1. Current event news, data, legislative updates and Action Alerts provided to Coalition members
  2. Populations targeted: businesses, medical patients, general public
  3. Information packets composed/distributed at community events and advocacy meetings/hearings

Calhoun County Fair booth

  1. disseminated print materials and conducted survey with the public on support for Calhoun County going smokefree

Great American SmokeOut activities conducted:

  1. Local companies participation in Great American SmokeOut activity within their workplaces
  2. Radio and print ads
  3. Participation in health fairs
  4. Bus magnet signage
  5. Messages included in water billings
  6. Local organization websites and personal email slogan inclusions
  7. Trainings conducted:
    • Glaxo SmithKline for medical personnel and public members 4/08


  1. Identifying a tobacco cessation counseling resource for the county
  2. Developing a plan toward enactment of a countywide smoke-free regulation
  3. Mobilizing sectors of the community toward passage of a smoke-free regulation
  4. Led a five month campaign, including advocacy work for the passage of the Calhoun County Clean Indoor Air Public Health Regulation in September, 2007 and enactment on January 1, 2008
    • Media information disseminated: press releases, letters to the editor, editorial, press articles, radio interview and a commercial
    • Three Town Halls hosted in Marshall, Battle Creek, and Albion
    • Testimony to Board of Public Health, Calhoun County Commission, City and Village Councils, business administrators
    • Youth Rally held prior to march to County Commission meeting
    • Instigators in process toward Battle Creek Health Systems going smokefree
  5. Great American SmokeOut activities conducted:
    • MI Quit Kits and event posters distributed
  6. Trainings conducted:
    • American Cancer Society Fresh Start Program for area company leaders 12/07


  1. Great American SmokeOut activities conducted:
    • Pledges by area restaurants to be smokefree for a day on the G.A.S.