About the 5C


The Connecting Communities Cancer Control Coalition (formerly the Calhoun County Cancer Control Coalition)—the 5C—was formed in late 2005 as a result of a desire to reduce the burden of cancer to the citizens of Calhoun County through community collaboration. The coalition has become an integral part of the cancer fighting community due to the variety of members that serve on the Coalition ranging from medical professionals to cancer survivors to business professionals to government employees to lay people, all with one goal, to reduce the burden of cancer in the county. In 2021 the coalition grew larger and there was a need to expand into Kalamazoo County, so the name changed to include both communities.

Subgroups within the Committee are utilized to focus on different types of cancer depending on the need and resources of a particular time. Local, and National campaigns are utilized when available and appropriate.

Each of these subgroups acts to lead the fight in their area of interest and also partners with other groups in the counties to maximize potential and to collaborate on projects. At this time the subgroups are:

At the time the Coaliton was formed, a presentation developed by the Calhoun County Public Health Department and the Family Health Center showed that, in Calhoun County, cancer was the number one reason for years of potential life lost and was second to only heart disease as the leading cause of death. But the numbers showing mortality rates and screening data show the positive impact the 5C's has had on Calhoun County residents.

Engaging the Community

5C looks forward to engaging the community in more activities to raise cancer awareness and help reduce the cancer burden in our county.