BCCF—Donating Online

The Battle Creek Community Foundation manages two funds for the benefit of the 5C.

Thus, when donating online via the BCCF website, you must designate to which fund your donation is to be directed. The directions to do this follow.

These funds were established when the Connecting Communities Cancer Control Coalition (5C) was known as the Calhoun County Cancer Control Coalition (5C), hence the name of the funds. Donating to these still benefits the Connecting Communities Cancer Control Coalition (5C).

If you are already familiar with donating to the 5C via the BCCF website you may skip the directions and Donate Online Now (the link will open in a new window).

Directing Your Gift

The Donation Online Now link (at the bottom of this page) will take you to the Support page of the BCCF website. You will see this screen:


Note the question, "Where would you like to give?". To direct your gift to the 5C, you must click on the ANOTHER SPECIFIC FUND tab. You will now see this screen:


Now we need to locate the 5C funds. In the "Search for a fund" box enter Calhoun Cancer. You will now see a list of funds matching those keywords:


In this particular screenshot, the two 5C funds are listed first. Select the fund you wish to support by clicking on it. In the next screenshot, the Community Project Fund has been selected:


(If, at this point, you had accidentally selected the wrong fund, simply enter Calhoun Cancer in the "Search for a fund" box.)

Note the name of the fund that you have selected followed by a dollar ($) sign and an empty box. Enter the amount that you wish to donate into that box. Click Process Donation. You will see your "shopping cart":


You are now asked to review your cart. The "Cart Details" show that you are about to donate $100 to the Calhoun County Cancer Control Coalition (5C) Community Project Fund.

Click Continue Checkout to proceed.

In the screen that follows (not shown), you will enter information about yourself, the name as it appears on the credit card you will be using, and how you wish to be listed in the Annual Report. After clicking the Checkout button, you will be asked in the next screen (also not shown) to enter your credit card information. You will click the Pay Now button to process your payment.

You will receive an acknowledgment and shortly thereafter an email receipt.